Cutting Fruits and Vegetables In An Easy Way

Cutting Fruits and Vegetables

Undoubtedly, Cutting fruits and vegetables is an art for those who cook daily. Daily routine cooking needs a lot of cutting, chopping, slicing and grinding. The question arises: 

How to Safely Cut Vegetables and fruits in an easy way?

First of all, every lady in the kitchen wants quick cutting and chopping for their daily task. You daily Cutting fruits and vegetables can be made easy by using proper and adequate quality choppers. Besides the role of time you spent and the effort you make is also equally important. So here at, we offer the best variety of choppers in Pakistan, slicers, clever cutter, knives, chopping boards, graters, peelers, Kitchen scissors, and all the necessary gadgets you need in your kitchen.

Easy Way Of Chopping Onions 

As we know, onions give a severe eye burn while slicing or cutting. A little trick can save your eyes from burning. First of all, sit in an area which is open and ventilated. The free environment will dilute the strong ness of onions. The best chopper for onion is the speedy cyclone chopper because it is a compact chopper with a pull rope function. Also, it is completely packed from the top, which will protect your eyes from burning. 

Moreover, few hand pulls will lead to finely chopped onions. In the same way, also offers the best quality Multifunction food chopper, West Point Manual Chopper and West point handy chopper at a lowest and reasonable price in Pakistan. We will prefer the latest design of manual onion chopper which is quick in onion chopping. The best part is that these choppers will save your time and energy. Whereas cutting on chopping boards can be tiring and time taking also. Besides, your eyes and hands are protected from any cuts and burns. 

Finely Chopped Garlic In No Time

Garlic is the leading and essential ingredient in almost every dish. However, freshly chopped garlic adds an elegant aroma to your food. For this purpose, has some good garlic choppers for you. Garlic cutter, garlic chopper, garlic master and mini garlic slicer is now available online at with the best price in Pakistan. Portable garlic chopper cutter is ideal for shredding garlic into fine pieces. On the other mini garlic chopper is so easy to use. Just put the peeled garlic on the stainless steel blades and easily cut and chop by pressing it. Isn’t it ideal? Get your garlic finely chopped in no time and add fresh garlic flavor to your food.

Cutting fruits and vegetable Techniques (Top Products)

Unique and Presentable dishes need good cutting fruits and vegetable slicings like salads, Chinese dishes, Italian dishes, Arabian cuisine and Pakistani dishes like biryani, Kofta, Karhai etc. Women or Men spent a lot of time for slicing the vegetables perfectly. But Now has the solution to all your difficult task of cutting Fruits and Vegetables. Here you will find the best slicers, dicers, french fry cutter, knife sets, cutting boards, watermelon cutter and slicer, professional knives and much more at excellent prices in Pakistan. Let’s discuss its practical advantages.

  • 4-in-1 Folding Cutting Board With Basket is best for cutting with ease as it has the drainable basket in it. You can cut, chop and wash hand in hand.
  • Chilli cutter multi veg cut helps you to the chillies and peppers into excellent fine pieces.
  • Salad cutter bowl is best for cutting and shredding cabbages capsicum, carrots, salad leaves and other vegetables quickly and easily. Moreover, the bowl helps to wash and drain at the same time. You can also use a bolo knife for instant cutting of vegetables.
  • Multifunctional vegetable cutter with drain basket has various attachments and a peeler for different types of cutting. Besides you can peel, grate, shred, chop and slice all in one from this unique vegetable cutter. Also, it has a drain basket below where you can wash vegetables after cutting. 
  • The Multitasking Nicer dicer is a great tool for your kitchen if you to cut and chop vegetables efficiently. All the necessary attachments are given with it to make your daily chores easy. Now you can cut and chop all your vegetables conveniently. Ultra-strong blade in different sizes can give you the thickness of your choice.
  • Vegetable Spiral Slicer is best for spiral cutting. It creates the most presentable spirals of carrots pumpkins, radish and any other vegetable you want. This slicer can make Salads or coleslaw within minutes. 
  • A manual herb grinder is the best option to grind herbs and spices for adding strong flavor to your food.

Best Slicers and Cutters For Cutting Fruits and Vegetables

Fruit Carving is an art. Every fruit has different cutting techniques. Some are hard, and some are juicy. brings some unique fruit slicers for you to make your cutting and to slice easy. Below are some:

  • Apple Peeler Corer Slicer is the intense suction base slicer. In this tool, you can make perfect apple slices and peel it at the same time. You will get excellent and crisp apple rings which are presentable. Also can be eaten as snacks. 
  • Watermelon Cutter & Slicer gives you a lovely and attractive watermelon presentation. Besides that, it cuts and slices very easily. 
  • For perfect banana slices, the banana slicer is just excellent. The stainless steel blades cut the banana smoothly and evenly.

How To Cut and Cook French Fries Like Restaurant

French fries are the favorite snacks for every adult and kids. We spent an immense amount of money on buying french fries from famous restaurants. Now you can make the same quality french fries at home at a low cost. It’s not that tricky to achieve. 

Let us tell you the secret of making equally crisp and tasty fries like hotels.

  1. Firstly, take a large size of potatoes. Use the best peeler which doesn’t waste your potato much and give a smooth potato finish.
  2. Now for evenly cut french fries, use the potato chipper which will provide perfect french fry cut. Keep the keep whole potato near the blade and press from behind. That’s it your fries are cut soak them in water immediately.
  3. Secondly, wash and blanch them in boiling water with 2 tbsp salt for at least 3 minutes.
  4. Drain them entirely in a Large strainer and leave for few minutes
  5. After complete drainage, sprinkle handful cornflour on the fries. Make sure that all fries are coated with cornflour.
  6. Now its time for frying.
  7. Heat the oil at the high flame. Add your fries when the oil is hot enough to fry.
  8. Stir it with the frying spoon and keep it on high temperature
  9. Strain and sprinkle salt on it according to your taste
  10. Finally, serve them in the french fries basket with your favourite sauce.
  11. Also, you can apply the same method for spiral potato sticks.
  12. You have to cut the potatoes spirally with a spiral potato cutter and bamboo sticks. Then repeat the same procedure mentioned above. 

Final Thoughts

Finally, we conclude that you can buy all your favorite choppers and slicer at with best prices in Pakistan. In this way, Cutting fruits and vegetables becomes easy for you. Make restaurants like fries, salads and presentable food with unique chopping tools without being tired. Keep shopping from eBuy kitchen accessories to make your daily chores easy