Facial at Home by Yourself- Step by Step Guide

How To Do Your Facial At Home

Girls and women love to have soft, smooth and clean skin. But they spend a huge amount to an expensive salon to get their facial done. And many people also think that it is difficult to do facial at home. No, you can do a professional facial on your own at home. All you need are the right products which would help you to get salon-like results in a low budget at home. 

How To Do Facial At Home

If you have makeup on your face the initial step you should do is to remove it. Removing makeup can be a headache sometimes. With the help of the Ultrasonic Rechargeable Makeup Remover, this process can become a lot easier. 

Moreover, the ultra-soft silicone bristle head of this remover will remove all the stubborn makeup in just a few minutes. Not only does it removes the makeup but also cleans the impurities and germs on your face. 

Cleansing With Massager

After you are done removing the makeup, you have to start cleansing it. You can apply different creams and scrubbers on your face, and with the 6 in 1 Face Massager, you can easily and smoothly rub it on your face. This makes cleansing with the cream more efficient, easy and quick.

Accessories For Doing Facial At Home:

Doing facial without a mirror is quite difficult. So it would be best if you have a mirror in which you can see your face clearly. 16 Led Mirror For Face will help you to see your face while you are doing your facial. The LED lights make you face bright, which is the outstanding feature of this product and gives an ultra-clear view of your skin. 

How To Remove Blackheads ?

Done cleansing your face? Now its time to remove all the blackheads on your face. There are two things you can use to remove them. Either you can use the Acne Pore & Blackhead Remover to remove them. It will pluck out the blackheads without creating large pore. 

Other than the hand you can also use the Charcoal Blackhead Remover Face Mask. You just have to apply it on your face. And wait for it to dry off and then peel it off. This is a simple, quick and pain-free way to take out blackheads in 10 to 15 minutes.

It’s Steam Time!

After doing all this, you have to give your face steam which is quite essential as it will make your face more fresh and soft and also remove any other germs or dirt which is left on your face. The Facial Steamer With Big Tank is perfect for doing this step as it steams your face efficiently and gives the required amount of steam required.

Enhancing Your Lips With A Lip Mask

Enhancing the look of the lips while doing facial is also essential. All you need to do is apply the 24 K Gold Collagen Lip Mask on your lips, and then your lips are going to look fresh and glossy. This would give your face an enhanced, glamorous look after you are done doing your facial at home.

Facial Hair Removal

Removing facial hair is the most vital part of a women’s grooming. Some people prefer using electric while some are in favor of threading. We have you all covered. 

If you want to use an electric hair trimmer Finishing Touch Flawless is the one you need. It will help you to remove all the facial hair quickly. It glides flawlessly and on all parts of your face, and all the unwanted facial hair is removed painlessly. 

If you want to do threading, then you can use the Slique Hair Threading Kit in which you can manually remove all your hair from the face. From the eyebrows to the upper lips. 

Final Touches

Once you finish threading, you can use the 99% Vitamin C Serum on your skin for the final touch. 

Now you will have parlor like the result at home by buying these products. It is a cheap and professional way to make your skin look fresh and smooth in no time. You can buy all these products at eBuy.pk at affordable and best prices in Pakistan.